Tremark Management

  • “Hands-on” local presence
  • A commitment to service
  • Tenants and Owners are our most important assets…
    • So we’re responsive,
    • we help them plan for the long term,
    • and we closely monitor costs on their behalf.
Tremark Management, Inc. is the property management subsidiary and the Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker for Trefoil Properties. Currently, Tremark manages more than 1.2 million square feet of commercial assets. Once in-process development activity has been completed, the portfolio under management will exceed 2 million square feet. A property cannot achieve its optimal value without rigorous examination and execution of maintenance and operational controls. Complementing Trefoil's development and asset management services, Tremark takes pride in attentive monitoring while keeping operating costs competitive. Tremark’s services include the physical and financial maintenance of the assets. Tremark's staff has earned a reputation for diligent monitoring on behalf of fund-affiliated properties, as well as third party property owners and tenants. We have long-standing relationships with a variety of third party contractors and have developed a loyal cadre of service providers who augment our responsiveness to system emergencies, inclement weather, and other operational challenges.

Financial Services
  • Preparation of operating budgets
  • Collection of rent
  • Coordination of accounts payable
  • Reconciliation and billing of operational costs to tenants
  • Review and appeal of real estate taxes as appropriate
  • Insurance reviews and risk controls
  • Generation and monitoring of monthly operating statements
Tenant Liaison Services
  • Liaison between tenants and owners
  • Documented communication with all tenants
  • Tenant retention initiatives
  • Formulation and execution of plans responsive to tenant concerns
  • Coordination of promotional and marketing efforts
Maintenance of Physical Assets
  • Supervision of property operations and maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Evaluation, selection, and monitoring of third party maintenance vendors
  • Hiring and supervision of maintenance employees
  • Liaison with government officials
  • Environmental awareness and program implementation


Cheryl A. Mahoney
Leasing Coordinator

Wesley R. Alderfer
Property Manager

Frank A. Vesci
Property Manager

Erin N. Godshall
Property Management Coordinator